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Noora Wellbeing is a non-profit association who’s mission is to support women’s wellbeing specifically with regards to health and education. We strive to achieve this mission by facilitating collaboration and learning between people around the world regarding women's wellbeing, and by supporting the development of sustainable structures for promoting women's wellbeing.  



Our objectives are:


To facilitate learning and collaboration between people in low-, middle- and high resourced settings regarding wellbeing.


To support the development of projects and sustainable structures for promoting health and wellbeing across the globe.


To educate, advocate and raise awareness for holistic approaches to wellbeing and health, adapted to local contexts and cultures.


To have fun, inspire and support each other, through sharing our stories and experiences, doing what we believe in.


"What are we to make of a world with such unequal health prospects? What does justice demand of global health?”

Dwyer, James. 2005. “Global Health and Justice.” Bioethics 19 (5–6): 460–75.   |  p. 460


The story of Noora Wellbeing

Noora Wellbeing is about sharing knowledge across borders specifically regarding women's health and wellbeing. It is about learning from each other, and collaboratively inspiring each other. Noora means 'light' in Arabic. We want to bring into the light and address issues that lay hidden, issues that are neglected. We want to support women, and each other, and together make our efforts lighter. We want to throw light on the amazing work that is already being done, by individuals and groups around the world. We have so much we can learn from each other, from different ways of doing things in different parts of the world.

Women's wellbeing is multifaceted. It is not only about health, it is also social, cultural, educational, spiritual, financial. We cannot address all these factors, but we can consider them in our approaches. Also, women's wellbeing needs to be addressed globally. It is still inadequate around the world, albeit taking different shapes. For example, many may think of issues related to women's health in countries such as Afghanistan, Somalia or Nepal. But who knew pelvic health, for example, was so undermined in a country like Sweden? That injuries related to pregnancy are a considerable problem that is often missed? Across the globe, endometriosis is still little understood and little researched, despite its relative commonality. Mental health among women is a largely neglected and stigmatised territory. Many women around the world still cannot read and write. Women in leadership are a minority. These different factors impact women's ability to take care of themselves and their families, to make a living, and to participate in and contribute to their communities. In other words, their wellbeing.

This is an ongoing story, and it might meander along different paths and towards different destinations than we see at the moment. The story will be written by the people who get involved. Noora Wellbeing is thus a meeting place for anyone who shares the same vision of making this world a little bit better - in this particular case, with a focus on women. To do this requires us to work together, to collaborate. We are social beings. We need each other to be well. We also need each other to make a difference. Hence, Noora Wellbeing hopes to facilitate the meeting of people who want the same thing. Through sharing stories, we can show the positive things happening in this world. We will share our stories as they develop. Send us your stories, and we will post them. Join the discussion.

As the quote above says, "What are we to make of such unequal health prospects?" We can, each of us, do something in our different corners of the world. If we join forces, we can do even more.


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